Hi, I’m Michael.


From 2013 to 2020, I worked with various startups to deliver their mission. This was a great time to learn what/where I don't belong to. I realized I didn't want to go down that route - the route of marketing shit to people by leveraging their fears and shortcomings.

Before that, I studied mathematics and social sciences.


I am an early bird, so on most days I wake up between 4 and 5 to do some interesting stuff. Afterwards I go to the office to work as a general software engineer in a small company: I talk to customers about their needs and problems. I fix bugs and create new features in our custom software. I create new tools for our internal processes. I help my team members. I mentor trainees.

Outside of corporate work, I do some mentoring.

In my free time time, I am interested in:

  • doing stuff with my lovely wife
  • cycling in nature
  • solving problems and automating processes (mostly with Go, TypeScript, Bash, NixOS, Docker etc.)
  • free, simple, fast, open-source software (Linux, i3, Vim etc.)
  • old, sustainable hardware (old thinkpads, pine64 etc.)
  • systems for humans (governance, transparency, doocracy etc.)

I love to reduce complexity and keep stuff simple and stupid, e.g. this page is built with Rust, has no JavaScript, no tracking, no privacy-invasive bullshit.

Talking about reducing complexity: I am a minimalist by heart and try not to own much things, because minimalism equals freedom (at least for me).

Besides all the techy stuff, I have been volunteering in my local community for over 20 years, mainly in the sports sector.

I also host some workshops (~120 so far), because I love the idea of sharing (knowledge).


I am dreaming about building a small company, in which we all work for 15-20 hours per week, while we also find some time to live a fulfilling life outside of work, with our families, friends, animals and nature.