I do paid mentoring.

I love to talk to people in private, about their life, goals, career and so on.

Currently (2024), I have 1 open spot.


  • we meet once per week online
  • you can pick my brain
  • topics I like to talk about:
    • software engineering
    • career
    • holistic living
    • technology in general
    • philosophy
    • psychology
    • sociology
    • people / communication
    • general health (nutrition, exercising, cycling)
    • personal finance
    • privacy
  • you pay me on a weekly schedule (with stripe or paypal)
  • you can quit any time on your own
  • if you are not happy, you get your money back
  • we will try to find a payment rate that makes both of us happy (current life situation etc.)

If you are interested or have some questions, just send me a message.