Things I do differently:

  • I prefer simple things: dinner: bread, quark, veggies; commuting: bicycle; todos: pen and paper; clock: Casio wristwatch etc.

  • I mostly work laying down: I lay down, laptop on my lap. After 30-45 minutes I stand up and move. No neck, eye, back, shoulder pain, because I move all the time.

  • I use a 12.5 inch laptop from 2012: I use a tiling windows manager in tabbed mode, so any window is fullscreen. No need to move, sort or search for windows. The device is old, so I use simple tools that don't need that much performance (linux, vim, mutt, lf etc.)

  • I workout a little bit every day: I sleep, eat, workout every day, because this is the simplest schedule to stay healthy. No dedicated "workout" days that need scheduling or skipping.

  • I make things harder: Staying mentally healthy and robust needs hardship from time to time. This is why I sometimes make things harder, e.g. taking a detour with my bike or fasting for 36 hours.

  • I mostly use the default config: Being able to work on different devices (laptop, cloud server etc.) is way easier if I don't have to setup the devices for x hours. If I need some special config, I keep it as small as possible.