Last Update: 2023-10-05

I try to use free and open source software (FOSS) whenever it is possible.


laptoplenovo thinkpad t4802023 (used)work, programmingmy main device, 24GB RAM, 256GB SSD
smartphonemotorola x42022 (used)gym, messaginglineageos, no google services
serverzotac zbox pro pi335 pico2021 (used)local servicesfor pihole and backups
routeravm fritzbox 7362sl2021 (used)internet / networksopenwrt
headphones + miclogitech g pro x2022 (new)listeningbroke after 6 weeks, but we will see...



nixosoperating systemdeclarative, one config to rule them all
i3tiling window managertiling for the win, easy to customize
zshzshgreat defaults, customizable
alacrittyterminalused this before xterm, written in rust
lffile managerterminal-based, quick, very customizable, ranger in fast
neovimeditorfor simple file edits
neomuttemailvery fast, great to use with keyboard
librewolfbrowseroptimized firefox, extensions: ublock origin, localcdn, libredirect
mpvmedia playerlove the simplicity, migrated from vlc
vscodiumidefor bigger projects, visual studio code without microsoft
markdownfile formatmy favorite text-file format, because it is simple and just works
syncthingsync (files)to sync between my smartphone and my laptop
keepassxcpassword managersimple, just works
rsyncbackupsto backup my devices onto my server
sshremote connectionssimple
gnumericspreadsheetssimple spreadsheets
sentpresentationssimple presentations
mastodonmicro bloggingto connect to other people
codebergcode hostingmigrating over from github


lineageosoperating systemandroid os without google stuff, so that I get updates for my "old" phones
obtainiumapp storeto get apps
signalmessengermy preferred messenger, not owned by a company
whatsappmessengerunfortunately: to stay in touch with family
mpvmedia playercan run in the background and increase speed
syncthingsync (files)to sync between my smartphone and my laptop
jitsi meetonline meetingsvery reliable
little file managerfile explorer in 137kbsmall, fast

That's it. No banking or browsing on my phone.

Other recommendations

arch linuxoperating systemkeeps it simply and stupid
qubesosoperating systemcompartmentalization (virtual machines), no unintentional browsing, but not so easy to learn
qutebrowserbrowservery customizable, great to use with keyboard
libre officeofficewhen people (very rarely) send me microsoft documents
xtermterminalfast, customizable, default terminal on most linux distros
rangerfile managerterminal-based, quick, very customizable, great to use without mouse
tor browserbrowserfor "anonymous" browsing
khalcalendarcalendar in the terminal
khardcontactscontacts in the terminal
radicalesync (contacts, calendar)used for my calendar and my contacts
xpraremote connections (shared)if ssh can't solve the problem
dokkucode deploymentfor my backend deployments, selfhost alternative for heroku
friendicasocial network, aggregatorto follow pages and people (rss, mastodon, twitter, youtube)
aurora storeapp storeto get apps
f-droidapp storeto get apps
davx5sync (contacts, calendar)used for my calendar and my contacts

Not in use anymore

dumbphonenokia 1002022 (used)emergenciesdumbphone, for calls and sms
smartphonemotorola e22015 (new)messaginglineageos, no google services
pcasrock deskmini2020 (new)encodingvery rarely used, 6C/12T CPU
micblue snowball2017 (new)online meetingsjust works

Carrying two phones around was very annoying, also the motorola didn't get any lineageos updates anymore. So I replaced both devices with a used motorola x4 for 100€.


  • 2023-10-05: replace x230 with t480, add android apps
  • 2023-05-27: I use way less software and hardware
  • 2023-01-01: move from arch to nix os
  • 2022-10-01: changed smartphone