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Freedom - full circle

During Covid 19 we are talking a lot about freedom.

For me, freedom exists on an individual and a societal level.

When too many individual people don't get vaccinated, the society has to suffer.

So there is this kind of real-life freedom in the physical world.

But there is another kind of freedom.

Many people don't care about freedom when they use computing devices.

They use WhatsApp, Instagram, Windows, Office365, MacOS and all this other non-freedom stuff.

Walled gardens emerge and no user can escape.

They are customers and/or products.

And these users also force other people to use their non-freedom software because of the chicken or the egg problem.

But I love freedom.

I want to ...

  • run the software where ever I want to run it - this is freedom
  • add a feature - this is freedom
  • delete a feature (e.g. spy tools) - this is freedom
  • change the color of some feature - this is freedom
  • look under the hood to see how it works - this is freedom
  • send it to a friend - this is freedom
  • ...
  • This is why I use free(dom) software.