Selfhosting my stuff

As you can see on my "uses"-page, I'm into free and open-source software and privacy.

I already host my Pi-hole adblocker at home. My Nextcloud cloud is on my own VPS, my Taiga project management is on disroot.

My next goal is to run all these services at home. It just feels better to have my data at home, not on the public internet, especially sensitive data like my calendar and my contacts.

That's why I currently build my setup like this:

  • Service #1: Pihole
  • Service #2: Nextcloud
  • Service #3: Taiga
  • Proxy: ?

Over the last few days I've been doing a bunch of stuff with Docker to make it work automatically and reliably.

If you want to have a look at free and open source software to leave all this privacy-invasive stuff behind you, have a look at Awesome Selfhosted.