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Project Management, Signals



  • default options are strong: I always ask myself, why people don't use my cool, sophisticated software, but Windows 10 / Edge / Chrome / Google Search / whatever

Project Management

  • we mostly use the tools we know, e.g. we default to Trello, Excel, Google Docs etc.
  • these tools shape how we think, e.g. "everything is a tablesheet, kanban etc."
  • most use of this software is fragile, because it is owned by for-profit companies and closed source -> moral dilemma: buyer's need is not seller's need
  • idea: use gitea/gitlab/github issues
  • pros: everything in one place, no sending of files (excel etc), no additional accounts (only on the git platform), connection between management and code, removes complexity through using markdown
  • cons: everyone needs an account, everyone has to learn simple markdown
  • use labels for categorical information (e.g. bug, feature), use milestones for time-bound chunks of work; do not use milestones for categorical information


  • signals: sigint, sigterm, sigkill
  • terminal multiplexer:
    • session (e.g. "work" or "personal") ->
    • window (e.g. "work/rust" or "work/nodejs") ->
    • panel (e.g. "work/rust/" or "work/rust/")
  • why multiplexer instead of multiple window manager windows: not always access to window manager (e.g. on server), also increases complexity (more software)