Hi! I’m Michael 👋

I’m a problem solver, teacher and software developer.

My goal is to help you to become a better developer.

How I will help you

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Why I want to help you

After graduating from university, I was stuck in a useless field. I hated going to work.

So I decided to learn software development.

The internet had a lot of resources - too much resources and too few guidance.

How to start? Java? Ruby? Python? C? JavaScript?

What to build? Side Projects? Fun Projects? Open Source?

None of my friends knew something about software development - I was all on my own.

With some guidance, this wouldn’t have been such a rocky road.

Nowadays, I focus on web development in JavaScript, TypeScript, React & Node.

Besides, I test a lot of new things, e.g. Golang, Rust.

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of people to improve their skills through workshops, 1-on-1-sessions and code reviews.

I love to help people:

Greetings ❤️


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