Learn In Public

I recently wrote an article about the concept.

To Learn

My general focus is shipping. Shipping useful knowledge & products & services.

I like to build stuff from scratch, e.g. React + Express + MongoDB. But I love the t(h)inkering so much that I often lose focus and valuable time(!). Busy vs. Productive.

Let’s be honest: The person, who pays for your (software) knowledge/products/services, doesn’t care about your tools, craftmanship or “the stack”. Solve the problem, that’s #1.

Business / Personal

  • Communication: Documenting - even if not required (Learn In Public!)
  • Communication: Communicating more explicitly
  • From Idea to MVP in Hyper-Speed (NextJS/Gatbsy + Serverless?)
  • Marketing: Dev.to, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Focus on the Most Important Task


  • NextJS (did some stuff)
  • TypeScript: Testing (Unit/Integration): React-Testing-Library
  • TypeScript: Testing (End-To-End): Cypress
  • Gatsby (did some stuff, e.g. this blog)
  • Storybook (Beginner)
  • Browser Extensions
  • React Native


  • Serverless: Serverless Framework
  • Serverless: AWS Lambda
  • Serverless: Netlify Functions
  • Serverless: Firebase Functions (Advanced)
  • Serverless: Testing
  • GraphQL


  • Deploy: Zeit (very familiar with Netlify)
  • Github Actions (coming from CircleCI)
  • Automation in General (Linux Aliases, CLI, Bots)

Computer Science

  • Data Structures:

    • Singly Linked List
    • Doubly Linked List
    • Stack
    • Queue
    • Hash Table
    • Binary Search Tree
    • Heap
    • Graph
  • Algorithms: Sorting:

    • Bubble
    • Selection
    • Insertion
    • Merge
    • Quick
    • Radix