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I use Linux for some years know.

Most questions I get are 95% the same.

This is an open-end collection of my knowledge in simple language.


  • Linux is the kernel, the inner core
  • some drivers (for graphic cards, wifi etc.) are inside the kernel
  • desktop environments (Gnome, KDE etc.) make the experience more convenient and pretty (how windows look, status bar etc.)
  • additional software makes life easier
  • kernel (Linux) + desktop environment + additonal software = Linux distribution (Ubuntu, Mint etc.)
  • Linux is written in C, so it is fast, but a lot of bugs stem from the fact that it is not memory-safe
  • I don't use a desktop environment, just a window manager (i3), no status bar etc.
  • I use many small tools, e.g. vim as editor, ranger as file manager