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Finished Nanodegree

I started the Intro to Cybersecurity Nanodegree some weeks ago and finished it today.

Just enrolled because of the flash sale back then, so ended up paying 270€.

The amount of content wa big, but the projects were often times ambigious in their tasks. Sometimes the downloads were messed up, e.g. wrong links.

In the original course, we had to create an account for Microsoft Azure to work with VMs. Microsoft Azure is a pain in the ass (duplicate subscriptions, wrong receipts, broken web UI etc.). Although the support people were nice and able to solve the wrong receipts, I will never use it again.

The automatically created course VMs were very slow (Windows 10 with 1GB RAM...) and horrible to work with.

One week ago, Udacity added cloud VMs, so we were able to connect to disposable VMs without an Azure account. This improved the experience a lot, although I already finished the VM-intensive projects.

All in all, I'm "okay" with the content and the projects. But I would never ever again pay 270€ for this course. (already subtracted discount of 75%)

Next time, I will search on coursera and pay after some looks into course.

I love to pay for online teaching. If it's worth the money.