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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

I started a new daily schedule this week.

First of all, I re-added free running sleep into my life - sleeping until I'll wake up without an alarm. This is a no-brainer. Sleep is very important and a lack of it leads to various bad things.

"I don't have time to sleep" is actually a very weak excuse and a lack of maturity. If I don't have time to do one of the most fundamental things in life, I should take my time.

"Oversleeping" doesn't exist. It's just the homoestatic payment for my sleep deprivation. It is not like overeating, because (industrial) food leads to emotional coping mechanisms and cravings. But sleep does not.

So my schedule looks like this:

  • Sleep: as long as I need, no alarm
  • Waking Hour 00-05: Creation: thinking, reading, day job (software engineering)
  • Waking Hour 05-09: Downtime: day job (emails, docs), strength training, eating, napping
  • Waking Hour 09-13: Creation: writing, private projects

So far, it feels great. But I also know that every new approach feels great at first, because my brain has to defend its decisions. I will see how this goes.


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