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In this (capitalistic) world, I see a lot of moral dilemmas.

People work in jobs they hate, contribute to shady stuff (ads, dead animals, environmental pollution, weapons etc.), because they need to pay for shelter, food and other stuff.

That's why I like to contribute to people and projects that care about a better world, e.g. by building software that emphasizes freedom, by caring about other people etc.

In 2021, I donated 243€ to different people and projects.

I currently contribute to this people and projects:

aaron_booshe contributes a lot to trade-free projects
codeberga FOSS project to host your code
davx5the smartphone app to sync my calendar and contacts
disroota web platform that hosts a lot of awesome FOSS tools
fdroidthe app store for my smartphone, only FOSS
keepassxcmy preferred password manager
liberapaythe donation platform I use
troma cool community of people who want to make the world a better place
trott-wara social company helping impoverished people to make a living