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I was on a camping trip for some days.

Camping is awesome.

Removing all this physical clutter and getting back to the basics: shelter, food and nice people.

We slept in a tent and we just lived with the bare minimum food: water, bread, cheese, rice, oats, veggies.

This is also my normal, healthy, 120€-per-month diet at home, so nothing new for me.

But after a hard day of hiking, this simple way of eating feels like heaven.

The first night was very uncomfortable, it was cold as hell.

That's why my first night back at home felt very cosy, in my nice, comfortable bed.

And my first meal back at home felt like eating out in a restaurant.

I think about most of my life in a relative perspective - I measure against other situations and events.

I think I need this kind of grounding to not lose my mind.