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Blog or Wiki?

Concepts: multiple notes or single summary?

I love to write down stuff. I am better at thinking than at memorizing, that's why I have a big amount of notes on my local drive.

In the last few months and years, I had this habit of blogging nearly daily.

The last few months, there was something going on: complexity and my love for good organization.

I love to have a user-friendly, well-organized summaries of a topic, let's call it "All I know about X".

In my daily notes, I also want to write about small stuff, let's say a newly learned shortcut for X.

Where should this new information live?

  • in the daily note: Sure, because I learned it today. But I learn everything on a specific day, so I would not be able to add anything to a summary.
  • in the summary: There are topics I'm heavily invested, e.g. Rust, Linux, nutrition, thinking, philosophy etc. There are also topics a "cheatsheet" is great, e.g. Vim. But I would always keep track which topics already have a summary, if/when I can start a new summary etc.

Alright, probably a mixed approach makes sense: writing daily notes and if a topic is big enough, copying it into a summary.

Implementation: blog or wiki?

The website I read the most: wikipedia.

I simply love it:

  • clean, simple design
  • internal linking
  • free to use, free to share (
  • access to the data's history