Renaissance man

I love the idea of the Renaissance man.

After re-reading some great books (e.g. "Radical Simplicity", "Early Retirement Extreme", "Your Money or Your Life"), I invested more and more time in the last few months to re-evaluate some of my thoughts about money in general, skills, trading etc.

Most of my thoughts revolved around my general real-life skills, especially compared to my very handy co-workers, my real-life skills are very rare. I can put a nail into the wall, but that's mostly it.

Where did my attitude come from? Mostly from the idea that it's more efficient to trade my money for another person's services instead of learning and doing it myself.

This is why I decided to learn more real-life skills.

I've already started by:

  • cooking bread spread
  • replacing the battery of my watch

What are your real-life skills?