On notifications

So when you are interested in something, you want to stay up-to-date.

This is why we once invented notifications.

"Hey, if you are interested, enable the notification and get the updates."

Awesome, now I don't have to manually care about it anymore.

But things changed.

Adding business and money to the interwebs, we now have this landscape of user-hostile attention-hijacking notifications crap.

Nearly every smartphone application uses this concept.

You've become Pavlov's dog. (See the mechanism in action)

I see this everywhere: The smartphone sends a notification sound brng , and the dog (/"well educated human being") takes out their smartphone to check the latest "important" update.

And this goes on and on every 30 seconds.

My simple solution: I disabled all notifications years ago. If I want to stay up-to-date, I intentionally visit the desired webpage or application.

If I do not visit it, I probably have some more interesting stuff to do.