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What I currently do

Been away from the blog for some weeks.

What I currently do:

  • Hitting the gym everyday: I love simplicity, that's why I hit the gym every day. Press, row, deadlift. No need to think about if today is a gym day, which exercises to do and so on.
  • Eating more: I try to have a light caloric plus of ~200 kilocalories daily. It's awesome, feeling strong. And yes, my fundamental meals are the same every day. Some variations only for dinner.
  • Riding my bike: Just to have some constant psychological workout.
  • Testing new web programming tools: I have a strong background in React. In the last year I've become very frustrated with all the complexity and disadvantages of it. That's why I came back so server stuff like NestJS and simple templating. I also had a look at newer tools, my favorites so far are SolidJS and Fresh.