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Dokku love

I started using dokku back in 2020, but because I didn't have that much knowledge about the concepts, I somehow quit using it.

The last few months I became very unhappy with the tools I used - heroku and render.

On heroku, I got 550 free hours without credit card, this means 23 full days for all my projects together. Furthermore heroku doesn't seem to offer file storage to use sqlite (I have no need to use postgresql).

Render has file storage, but only with a paid plan for each project.

I know that developers (and investors) want to make money, this is just not a good fit between us.

I run 5 very small projects, so I started to take a look at dokku again - and so far I love it. I am 2 years wiser now, so I think I'll be able to solve my problems faster.

Actually, I managed to setup 3 of my 5 apps, two in TypeScript, one in Django. Wrote a script to do an automated setup.

No problems so far.

Thanks for this awesome tool.

PS: dokku is FOSS, heroku and render are not, so I own my tools.