The boring stuff

I love the boring stuff.

Some years ago I was heavy into tech.

Actually, I held some overclocking world records with the AMD Athlon XP back in ~2001-2002.

I owned the newest gear, used the newest tools. Shiny stuff all over the place.

But using shiny things has some big disadvantages, mostly because stuff breaks all the time and help and knowledge are hard to find.

And I dislike the mindset of learned helplessness.

Advertising has taught us these ideas:

  • "If I would have this cool car, I would have more friends."
  • "If I would have a sixpack, I would have a great relationship."
  • "If I would have this new macbook, I would be a better software engineer."

Sure, some new things are cool. But most of the stuff is useless crap.

This is why I love boring stuff:

  • Pen & Paper
  • Water
  • Oats and rice
  • Biking and weightlifting
  • Thinkpads
  • Vim
  • Django and SQLite