Replacing Nextcloud with Radicale + Syncthing

I used Nextcloud for ~2 years now.

It's awesome. Actually everything you need to self-host your cloud for fun and privacy.

But the older I get, the more I simplify my life - I don't need to sync all kind of data between dozens of devices. Data I don't create is data I don't have to secure.

That's why I haven't been using cloud storage for a long time.

I actually only use syncing for having a backup of my phone contacts. As you know, I use my smartphone only for messaging with Signal and nothing else.

So my current lightweight setup looks like this:

  • file sync between specific devices: Syncthing (I rarely use it)
  • contact and calendar sync: Radicale

Both together need 80MB of RAM, while Nextcloud needed around 400MB.

Simply life, happy life.