Pi-hole, OpenWrt

In the last few months a lot of my people became interested in getting rid of ads on their devices.

I use Pi-hole for my local network and uBlock Origin on my devices.

Pi-hole is great, because it works network-wide, so you don't have to install software on all devices. And there are devices that are hard to deal with, e.g. new "smart" TVs.

To use Pi-hole, you have to set Pi-hole as your domain name server (DNS), so that it can block shady domains.

But in some of the latest routers you are not allowed to change your DNS (Vodafone...).

This is dangerous, because these companies could block whatever they want to block.

This is why I currently have a look at OpenWrt. It's a popular open-source operating system for routers.

I've already installed it and setup some stuff. It seems to be simple, but mighty.