Hosting in Europe

When I read about hosting providers, e.g. for a virtual privater server, there are a lot of companies: AWS, Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode etc.

Many of them are based in the US, so they don't care about my European freedom and privacy rights.

That's why I'll have a look at hosting provides in Europe.


Hetzner, Netcup and Contabo are based in Germany, OVH is based in France.


Numbers are from Bundesanzeiger and Wikipedia.


Sorted by CPU cores, RAM, Price.

I looked for the prices for a contract period of 0/1 months, because I want to stay flexible. If you find different prices, this is probably through different default contract periods. Also watch out for setup fees, e.g. on Contabo you have to pay 4,99€ for a contract period of 0 months.

1 Cores

CompanyPrice (month)CoresRAMDiskTrafficContractNotes
Netcup2,69€12 GB20 GB40 TB0 months
Hetzner4,15€12 GB20 GB20 TB?
OVH5,95€12 GB40 GB (NVME)?0 months

2 Cores

CompanyPrice (month)CoresRAMDiskTrafficContractNotes
Hetzner4,75€22 GB40 GB20 TB?
Netcup5,29€24 GB40 GB40 TB0 months
Hetzner5,83€24 GB40 GB20 TB?
OVH11,90€24 GB80 GB (NVME)?0 months
Hetzner10,59€28 GB80 GB20 TB?
Netcup10,00€28 GB160 GB80 TB0 months

4 Cores

CompanyPrice (month)CoresRAMDiskTrafficContractNotes
Contabo4,99€48 GB200 GB32 TB0 monthsSetup fee
Hetzner14,76€48 GB160 GB20 TB?
OVH23,80€48 GB160 GB (NVME)?0 months
Netcup14,30€416 GB320 GB80 TB0 months
Hetzner18,92€416 GB160 GB20 TB?

6/8 Cores

CompanyPrice (month)CoresRAMDiskTrafficContractNotes
Contabo8,99€616 GB400 GB32 TB0 monthsSetup fee
Netcup20,80€624 GB600 GB80 TB0 months
Hetzner27,25€816 GB240 GB20 TB?
Contabo14,99€830 GB800 GB32 TB0 monthsSetup fee
Netcup27,30€832 GB800 GB80 TB0 months
Hetzner35,58€832 GB240 GB20 TB?