The more I learned about technology in the last few years, especially due my professional career, the more I started to reject digital stuff.

I think we've already peaked at the personal tech level some years ago, because new stuff is mostly (big) corporate controlled walled garden stuff (Google, Apple etc.).

Each time a new player comes around, big tech buys in and destroys it.

But big tech is not the problem - we are.

I once watched a documentary about Amish people.

Each time someone wanted to bring some new tech to their community, the elders went like "Alright, in 2 weeks at our weekly meeting, you can talk about this stuff and how this technology will benefit our community.".

I like this approach.

Instead of mindlessly adding some new technologies without thinking about it up-front, the people actually have to think about the technology.

What's the benefit for the community if I personally will own a smartphone and watch some memes all day long?

Sure, fun. But what will be the price I have to pay?

Are there other things, even non-tech, that will give me the same enjoyable feeling (like gardening, hiking etc.)?