• this is just my mental model, build your own
  • life can be thought about in different environments, let's call them sessions; example: work environment, private environment, gym environment
  • an environment can be divided into different projects, let's call them windows; example: work/client A, work/client B, private/hobby A
  • a project can be divided into different tasks, let's call them panes; example: work/client A/add feature A, work/client B/add feature Z, private/hobby A/do workout D
  • so I have different sessions, e.g. working on a tool, writing my blog
  • when I want to work on my tool, I hit mod + s to show my sessions and then change to my "work on my tool" session, with all the tools set up
  • when I want to switch to writing my blog, I hit mod + s again and go to my "write my blog" session, with all the tools set up


  • mod stands for modifier key; the default modifier key is ctrl + b, I changed mine to ctrl + a for ergonomics

  • example: when I write mod + x, then hit your modifier key (defaults to ctrl + b) and x

  • all shortcuts: mod + ?

  • show all sessions: mod + s

  • new window: mod + c

  • kill window: mod + x

  • go to next pane: mod + n

  • go to previous pane: mod + p

  • scroll up/down: mod, pageup/pagedown, quit: q


  • tmux faq
  • github SetupNotes