Password manager housecleaning

Last year, I migrated all my passwords from Firefox to KeePassXC to have my passwords just saved locally, not in the hands of a third party.

Yesterday, I had a look into the database - 115 entries.

So looking at this data, I saw a lot of unused stuff, e.g. Zoom, some email accounts, some old tools and so on.

So I decided to do some housecleaning by deleting some of these accounts.

Before deleting the account, I set the account email address to something like to have an unique address for each account.

Why? Because I hope to see, which company sells/leaks my email and/or doesn't delete it at all. This company will go to my personal "black list" of not trustworthy companies.

Some companies are already very sneaky:

  • clicking on the deletion button doesn't work, even in different browsers
  • the captcha isn't solvable, even after trying it for 10 minutes (no joke!)
  • trying to nudge me with a blue, bold button to cancel the deletion and a just slightly-visible button to accept the deletion

Whatever, I managed to delete 13 accounts.