First SMS, deleted Twitter

I've just sent my first SMS after like 3 years. (christmas 2017)

My phone plan has some of them included, so I even don't have to pay additional money.

Yes, SMS are not encrypted, so a good reason not to send too much of them.

I also deleted my Twitter account. It's a big rabbit hole, especially being outraged about idiots.

I downloaded my account data. I can see a "personalization" list with topics Twitter thinks I like / will buy.

90% of this list is just plain wrong:

  • some cryptocurrencies (total waste of energy)
  • big company stocks (just no!)
  • rubbish, fancy food (I am a healthy, but simple person)

I also had a look into the "Ad Engagements" list. I just had to laugh out loud. I hope none of these companies ever paid money to show me these ads. One company bought 37% of all my ad space. I don't know this company and I don't do anything in the field they work in.

Sure, maybe I'm an outlier (or I'm too confident I won't ever buy this stuff), and this works even without me. But in a perfect world, we don't have to bear this manipulating ads game.

But instead of being outraged and doing nothing, I will save my energy and will invest it into making the world a better place.

As I said yesterday, being intentional is very important.

That's why I created a Friendica account some weeks ago.

Why? Because it's a social network like Facebook, but it has one killer feature: You can subscribe to other platforms. So I am subscribed to accounts on YouTube, Twitter, Mastodon etc.

These platforms don't get my behavioral data, so they can't sell my attention.