Reading long-form content vs. short-news

Reading is an integral part of my life. I do this since I was a small kid, I visited our local library each monday.

For some months back in 2019, I read for 2 (!) hours every morning in bed - hackernews, reddit and so on. But because it was "tech-related", I never questioned these readings.

Last year, especially due Corona, I started to think more about my media consumption.

I still read a lot, but I saw changes in my reading habit: from long-form content to clickbait short-news.

I never made these changes intentionally, the devices and platforms just sucked me in.

It was painful to acknowledge that I was not able to sit down for 5min at the table to read a book. Seeing this after I've read over 200 books in my life was a devastating feeling.

I always felt this urge to check for news. I was like "Hey, it's Corona time, so it's my civil duty to stay informed.".

But staying informed is probably not the same as reading clickbait stories...

This is why I - again - started to read more long-form content last year.

Currently, I'm reading (German) Katharina Nocun - Die Daten, die ich rief. It's about our data, privacy and the economy around it.