My shortlist and riding my bike

I have a list with short tasks I want to work / research on. From time to time I give myself some hours to do this stuff.

It's mostly simple stuff like "Have a look at website X" or "Do laundry".

So why do I have a list for this stuff? I mean most people probably don't have a list to remember doing laundry, but they do it anyway.

I do this to keep up my focus.

Sure, I would do it at some point, e.g. when I would feel like doing it. But this is also how binge-watching and social media madness creeps into life, "I currently feel like I should spend 4 hours on reddit to watch some funny memes.".

So I plan this shortlist stuff, I give it a dedicated place in my calendar.

I also do this with exercising. I have an appointment with myself each day at 3PM to ride my bike. Yes, sometimes I can't make it at 3 or I simply "forget" it, because I don't look into my calendar. But these days are rare. It's not about perfection, it's about the trend & creating a habit.