Docker with Dokku, Not Caring about the Implementation Details

Again started the day with some focused 2 hours of translating my JS course, finished the part about arrays.

I then started to finish my backend deployment. My current architecture looks like this:

I automated the setup of the services and the deployments with bash scripts, so it's easy for me to spin this up again if something breaks or I want to leave Digital Ocean.

I needed the whole afternoon to set this up and most of the stuff is working now. Learned a lot about the internals of Docker. Extremely exciting topic.

This is also about the bigger concepts. I don't care about technology X. I use the concepts (e.g. a service lives isolated in its own container) and connect them with the biggest tools (e.g. Docker). I use the biggest tools, because I find more resources when stuck and also more plugins and tools.

In which topics are you currently most interested?