Arrays in Real Life, History Class, Not A Firefighter

Started the day with some focused 2,5 hours of translating my JS course, mostly explaining concepts around arrays, related to real life.

This is an interesting one. I hated history class in high school. Our teacher loved rote review. I always thought it was pointless, because this is not how our brain works. Nowadays I love history. Because history tells how things evolved. We can ask questions like "Why did someone come up with the concept of an array?" and "Is there some concept in real life that works the same?".

I see beginners often struggle with abstract concepts like arrays. But everyone understands how a shopping list works: There is a piece of paper (storage). You write a new item on the paper (create), or you strike it (delete or done) or you correct it (update). Every 5 year old understands the concept and how to use it. But when we try to learn (programming), we start using flash cards or other rote review concepts. Rote reviewing for the sake of getting good exam grades that ask for good rote reviewing skills you probably never use in real life.

Afterwards did my workout routine and my messenger routine, meaning inbox zero for Whatsapp and Telegram. This is hard for me, because I get a lot of messages. Replying after some weeks feels awkward, so I mostly don't keep in touch. But living a lifestyle of always online and being distracted annoys me too. Focus is a super important skill. That's why I'm into Digital Minimalism for many years. I'm neither a emergency doctor nor a firefighter, so most stuff is not that important.

I did a second smooth translation session in the afternoon and hosted a workshop about JavaScript and D3 in the evening.