Digital Minimalism, Analog Hobby

I worked on translating lessons of my JS course. It's actually hard to write explanations for non-techies. Mostly I'm like "Does the reader know what this term means?" (e.g. "Browser", "Chrome", "Explorer")

Afterwards I read on Digital Minimalism. I don't use Social Media that much. Quit my Facebook some years ago. Not interested in Instagram (hardcore fake stuff). Reddit is cool for reading other peoples' ideas. Twitter is nice to publish stuff. That's it. One (secondary) quote from Cal Newport has stuck in my head: Create the skill of thinking for yourself instead of relying on other peoples' opinions. If you understand the concepts behind something, you can create the next steps on your own. Sure, always check if they are right or wrong. Be open for new ideas. Swyx has a good article about this.

I try to add a new analog hobby to my life. Most days I'm in front of my laptop, mostly 12 hours. That's why I added reading to my life. Like sitting on a chair, reading stuff on paper and using a pencil. If ideas come into my mind, I write them in a self-made paper notebook (some clamped paper pieces). This removes the urge to immediately run to the laptop/smartphone. Nothing gets lost.

What are your analog hobbies?