Firefox for Privacy, Backup with Rsync and 7Zip, Soccer

I worked on my JS course for 2 hours, rewriting a lot of stuff, making it really simple.

Afterwards I had to tackle a big task: reinstalling Firefox. Actually ditching Firefox Developer Edition, because updating (11 times last month) is very annoying and sometimes stuff breaks. The default Firefox package had only 3 updates last month and is just one version behind, that's okay.

Then I hardened my Firefox to be more privacy focused. Here you can see my privacy settings and extensions. Keeping up with the newest privacy settings is hard. From now on I just wait for new discoveries on reddit.

I also refined my new backup approach. I've written a simple rsync script that creates a backup folder. Then I compress and encrypt the folder with 7zip. Duration is around 10 minutes. Next step is to send it to my cloud storage. Alex had the great idea to use an USB stick and I will add this to my approach, because sending 10GB-20GB over the wire is slow. I will also have a look at buying a SD card, so I will probably send it to my Raspberry Pi.

In the evening I watched some soccer for leisure.