'Would my Grandma understand this?', Self-criticism vs. Self-compassion, Reading

I worked on my JS course, especially the chapter about booleans and loops. Writing this for non-techies and non-native speakers needs a lot of attention and effort. Writing for techies is easier for me, because I can formulate like I think. Formulating for non-techies adds the additional step of translating from my thinking. My simplest feedback question is "Would my grandma understand this?". I visualize myself talking to her about this stuff. "Hey grandma, so the lightbulb in your kitchen is either turned on or turned off. There is no other state. Either on or off. click".

The rest of the day was taking a rest. I learned this the last few months. It's important to take rests. There is no need to feel guilty or even ashamed if you need a rest. I try to avoid Self-critisism and use Self-compassion. It's a very interesting topic, I recommend to read up on it.

In the evening I did my tiny workout routine, answered all messages and continued on Rationality: A-Z. I learned most of this stuff in university, so it's a quick refresher.