Docker Fundamentals, JS Course, Contemplation

My first task was to move some parts of my local dev environment into containers. I did this for Postgres, PGAdmin and Redis. Re-learned a lot about Docker. The fundamentals are actually quite simple. The container terminology comes from the cargo/shipping industry. As a cargo manager, you don't have to deal with different cargo sizes placed onto the ship, the people who want to ship their stuff just put them in standardized containers. The cargo manager now just has to keep track of the amount of containers, instead of how to place them tetris-like onto the ship.

instruction set (= Dockerfile) => image from the instruction set => container instance from the image

If you want to use a pre-made image, you can download it from Docker Hub and skip creating your own instruction set.

Afterwards I worked on the content of my JavaScript course. I think I use a cool approach. Less about the nitty-gritty implementation details (= what to type), more about how to think. I think beginners care too much about the implementation details ("Which programming style/language/framework/syntax should I use?").

First beta release to get first feedback is planned for end of next week.

In the afternoon I did a big printing session. I like do work on my contemplation stuff with pen & paper. I think it is important to have analog skill hobbies. I think even social activities nowadays have a high amount of screen time. That's why I read Rationality: A-Z. Focused reading at a desk is highly underrated.