Habit Overhaul, Quitting Disroot

I had a closer look at my current habits. I quit my morning workout routine lately, because I procrastinated a lot. I did the routine, but often I needed 90-120 minutes from wake up to workout. So I ditched it, going directly to work now. This mostly needs some 15-30 minutes. The biggest challenge for now is to integrate my workout routine in the day. I literally hate it.

Some months ago, I migrated from Google to disroot. I like disroot very much. It's a Nextcloud instance managed by some noble folks (I think so).

But there are two major challenges I faced so far:

  1. Because they manage the Nextcloud instance, in the end they decide which features/app run on the instance; I love to have my customized platform and I love to learn new stuff; so probably I'm the wrong user (it's free, so I don't want to call myself a customer)

  2. The web client calendar seems to be very slow for me, so quickly moving tasks on my calendar leads to conflicts; using alternative clients (Lightning, Evolution) didn't work out, because I don't like their UX

That's why I started to setup my own, private Nextcloud instance some days ago. I run it in a VPS with Docker. It's way faster, probably because I'm the only user.

So if you want to use Nextcloud, I recommend to use disroot. Also think about donating some money, because free services that don't sell your data probably don't last that long. One of my goals is to donate some 4-figures to them so that they can keep up their journey. Also non-techies should have the opportunity to get in touch with free open source software like Nextcloud instead of selling their data to big companies.

If you are a tinkerer like me, you could also try to setup your own one. But be aware that you also have to manage it on your own.