Call AWS #2, Course Fetcher

Fixed the broken 2FA/MFA on AWS. The support person was very helpful (thanks, Lance). He explained every step very well, why we need to do this and gave me clear instructions what to do next. Great experience.

I then worked on my course platform. I need a possibility to host the course content easily, also with other contributors in mind. My first structure was more complex, but I want it to be simple as possible. I decided to create a folder structure like this:

|-> // bigger overview
|-> _settings.js // setup title, chapters etc.
|-> draft
|-> final
|---> lessons

I created a GraphQL query to fetch the data. It was tiring and I needed like 2 hours, but now the job is done and I learned a lot about the GitHub API. The next step is to fetch the data and parse it into useful data.