Best Resources To Start Into Learning Web Development

In my JavaScript workshops I get constantly asked, which learning resources I can recommend.

Because this is an important & interesting question, I will give you my opinion on this.


MDN is a great resource to get into learning. Sometimes they use a lot of tech speech, but later on you want to read a lot of documentations, therefore you want to familiarize yourself with tech speech.


I would do all the stuff in exactly that order, because first you do some small practical stuff (JS in 14min), then you learn the theory behind it (MDN JS), then you build a lot of practical stuff (PracticalJS) and finally you do all over again in a great course (JS Bootcamp).


This is my prefered order, but I totally understand that some people don't get motivated by the Algorithms & Data Structures stuff. To my younger self: Learn the Algorithms & Data Structures first. It will save you a lot of times afterwards.

WEB DEV: All in one

If you want to do some comprehensive course and not 10 different ones, I would go with this one.