Hi! I'm Michael 👋

My goal is to build great products and help you to become a better developer.

After graduating from university, I was stuck in a useless field.

So I decided to learn software development.

The internet had a lot of resources - too much resources and too few guidance.

Java? Python? JavaScript? - Tutorials ? Side Projects? Open Source?

None of my friends knew something about software development - I was all on my own.

With some guidance, this wouldn't have been such a rocky road.

Nowadays, I focus on web development in TypeScript/JavaScript, React & Node. Besides, I love the business side, too.

Over the years, I've helped 100s of people to improve their skills through workshops, 1-on-1-mentoring and code reviews.

I wrote over 150 articles and over 12.000 people follow me.

I hosted over 100 workshops, public and private, onsite and remote.

So get in touch and let's do something awesome together.



PS: I sometimes get questions about what I'm doing now or what stuff I use.